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2020 Competition Team

BEST JR. ACTOR 11-12, Noah Delagrange

BEST TEEN ACTOR 13-14, Reagan Thomas

BEST JR. VOCALIST 11-12, Abby Harrell

BEST JR. MULTI-GENRE DUET/TRIO 9-10, Skylar Wagner/Tori Sessions

BEST JR. ACTING SOLO 9-10, Carter Moses

BEST JR. ALL-STAR VOCALIST, 9-12, Bianca Pontello

BEST TEEN ALL-STAR ACTOR, 13-16, Halle Taylor



The kids came home with 25 Platinum medals, 45 High Gold medals, and 4 Gold medals! 


2018 Access Broadway - Best Debut Musical Theatre School, Orlando Regionals
2018 Access Broadway - Best Musical Theatre School & Stage Door Cup Champions, New Jersey Nationals
2019 Access Broadway -  Best Diva Musical Theatre School, Orlando Regionals & Studio of Excellence Award
2020 Junior Theatre Festival - Excellence in Music Award

In February 2018, 46 Jacksonville students entered the Access Broadway Performing Arts Competition in Orlando.  There were over 600 acts of singing, dancing, and acting, from solos, duets and trios to small group numbers and big musical productions!  These kids performed a total 150 acts and mastered the art of winning, as we took home the "Best Debut Theatre School" award in our region, thus leading us to this long and glorious road to New Jersey, home of Access Broadway's National Finals.  Schools from all over the country, some of them being Florida, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, and even Ontario, were all there to wow the judges with their tremendous talents.  And luckily, after 5 months of rehearsals, numerous hours of fundraising, and many sleepless nights, we took home several boxes of very large trophies, thousands of pictures, priceless memories, new forever friends, and the most incredible experience a child (and adult) can ever have. Hard work ALWAYS pays off!  Yes, we practice the art of performing, but we also teach and practice problem solving, dedication, commitment, humility, love, and kindness.  That's what makes these kids champions!!!  The fact that they can sing is a bonus! :)

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